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To all unresting romantic people.
Would you like your wedding to talk about your love, your love affair, the places where you met? The location could be a place full of charm. Either could it be the place where you met for the very fist time or a castle that takes you back to a different age, a place between dream and reality.
Are you keen on travelling having your suitcase always packed and ready to leave?
Or do you simply like travelling with your imagination and discover far-away places and other cultures?
So you can surprise your guests offering them settings and dishes that are typical of those places. Either a Dj or live music, it will meet your request.

Which season did you choose to frame your Big Day?

Every season has its own colours, flavours and smells. They are to be mixed, brought out and moulded to your style.

Are you longing for spring?
Spring has always been the sweetest season to fulfil love dreams. Snow softly melts under the warm sun, letting the first buds bloom.

Are you thinking of summer?
Shining summer, sweet fruits to pick up, wide corn fields, pacific sea to look at, to sail and discover.
Sails gently waved by the marine breeze, a tête-à-tête dinner. "Will you marry me?" "Yes I will". And the dream comes true.

Maybe you are thinking of autumn, aren't you?
The red sunset gives colour to autumn afternoons.
Leaves begin to fall, first rain offers us tasty mushrooms and good-flavoured truffles that will embellish our plates.

Are you going to choose winter?
The candidly white mountain peaks, the crackling lighted fire-place, from which still wrapped socks full of sweets and gifts, hang.
Have you always dreamed of saying "I do" in the month of January and start a new life under the good omen of the New Year?
Or eventually in February, the month in which lovers make their promises on St. Valentine's Day?

Whatever season do you choose and whatever your style is, your wedding will be the most exclusive one.

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