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Who am I?

My name is Roberta, I am 30 years old and I am Sicilian!
I love my homeland, my people, and the colours and flavours of my splendid island.
I believe in human relationships values, that is why I majored Social studies at University. Education has led me to communication development as well as listening to people's issues and needs!

I chose to become a professional Wedding Planner and I graduated at "The Wedding Planner School", right because I love human contacts and I believe I have got brilliant organization skills that will let me help and advise all those who want to arrange their Wedding.


PROFESSIONALISM AND PROFICIENCY: you will be in expert hands for I will use my experience, education, proficiency and continuous updating in order to make your wishes come true. Furthermore, different solutions and the newest ideas from the market can be selected according to your taste, desires and inspiration. You will always be suggested the right idea which will amaze your guests.

TIME SPARING: because you will save time while choosing what is necessary for your wedding. As your WP, I will know the style you desire, and I will be able to suggest only those solutions which are worth it and most suitable to your personal taste and I will get you interested in really important meetings as well as in making your personal choices.

NO STRESS: because you will be released of the stress that usually follows you through the event and during the wedding day! The WP's role serves this purpose too. You will be spared the burden of responsibilities as well as anxiety and all nuisance or issues, so that you won't be exhausted during the most beautiful day of your life!
Therefore you will be able to live your wedding with serenity of mind, and you will enjoy the fun only of all the planning, despite the rest!

MONEY SAVING: contrary to common belief, the WP does not cost any further expense, as a matter of fact it is the solution to optimize your budget.
Starting from the budget you decide beforehand, the WP will fit all that is necessary thanks to those business deals only a professional in this field can guarantee.